80 degrees and sunshine? Sounds just like home!

I was up and ready this morning for a quick 5K run before work… and then I checked the weather again. I knew a warm day was coming, but 80 degrees is just too much to pass up. It’s going to feel like South Carolina again! I’ll be working through the warmest part of the day, but there will still be plenty of warmth at 6pm when I get home from work. Besides, I should really be running twice that distance at this point.

So this morning I’m taking the time to:

  1. Buzz my head again. Check.
  2. Make the coffee. Check.
  3. Make Breakfast and wake up Cara: B-minus 23 minutes.

I have the new Harry Dresden novel, I’ve kicked the rust out of my Flash programming skills by building a successful solar system test last night and I’m pretty sure I’ve nailed a new art style for my cartoon project that will speed things up and give us a definite brand. The only thing that could make this better is if somebody offers me a new job to replace the contract I’m about to complete.

Bring it on, Wednesday!