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  • Great Northeastern War, 2015

    Lots of my friends are at Pennsic right now, or are perhaps stuck at Troll with no hope of getting in before they starve. (Yes, even though they got there early.) It's a bummer that I can't go this year, so I'm going to cheer myself up by sharing some photos from Great Northeastern War. I was a merchant for the very first time!
  • Puggle in Spring

    Spring was slow to take hold, but the snow banks have finally accepted the fact that they are unwanted and unloved. They’re melting away and it’s almost time to start running with my puggle every day.
  • Throwing Shoes

    I’m not a stranger to running in the snow, but this year the weekly blizzards have kept me shoveling instead of running. And it’s been really cold. But I’m back now, and apparently my gear is all worn out. My jackets and shirts and things are okay, but my shoe spikes are apparently fed up with me and yearning for retirement.
  • Our New House of Snow

    Lately my wife and I found our dream house in winter, and got nice and settled just before being magically transported to Jotunheim. Winter has been especially grumpy this year, and has dropped three giant snow storms on us in the space of a week.
  • Creating a Monster

    When we decided to get another dog, I asked for a breed that could run with me. I've seen other people run with their pups, and it looked like fun. I didn't realize at the time that it would lead to a bit of... well... insanity.
  • Birthday Escape

    My 41st birthday included a movie, the beach, Captain America and a loose dog running in circles around me. It also left me a bit tired and ready to crash at the end of it, which I suppose is normal.
  • Puggles and Bicycles and Farmers Markets

    Oh, dear. Where to begin? The primary focus of this site is supposed to be running events, but I've done fewer and fewer of them since I left Charleston for New England. It's time to explain that, and to start writing again in general.
  • We have a robot

    My mother-in-law recently went a little crazy and bought Roombas for several family members, including us. So it's official. We now have our very first robot. We are now completely vulnerable when Skynet takes over, because one of the machines is living in our house.
  • MS Harborfest Shoreside 5K, 2013

    MS Harborfest Shoreside 5K, 2013
    I didn’t run this one, so I managed to get some pics of the winners. I also got to help Cara promote her new gluten free home bakery. We showed off the food, answered questions, met some nice folks and saw a 5K from another perspective.
  • Does 40 Mean Anything?

    Does 40 Mean Anything?
    I woke up Monday morning, and I was 40 years old. My phone already had updates from insomniac friends wishing me a happy birthday, and our new puppy was already trying to eat my wife’s hair. So far, aside from the Facebook stuff, it’s just like yesterday. But is there anything else to it? Should I have special feelings about today?