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  • Burlington Winter Festival

    There was a little festival this weekend down on Church Street. The action was going to happen later in the day, but I got there a bit early. Cara was asked to work on her day off, so I walked down with her. On the way back, I got to see some of the ice sculptures going up. It was neat! They bring in the pieces and blowtorch them so they’ll stick. It’s basically ice welding.
  • Uphill on Main Street

    Uphill on Main Street
    The weather was too good to pass up, so I didn’t. The temperature was 36F, so I didn’t even need my tights or my gloves… just my Space Jacket and a sport skully. A beautiful day like this just screams out for something special, so I decided to hit Main Street in downtown Burlington.
  • All Kinds of Weather

    All Kinds of Weather
    It’s been a couple of weeks since I moved back to Burlington, Vermont. It seems longer, of course. Since returning, I’ve seen temperatures below zero. I’ve had my handy Carhartt and some other gear, so I was prepared.
  • This Year’s First Real Winter Run

    I can’t believe it’s really been this long since I’ve gone running, but there really has been a lot going on. We recently moved back up to Burlington, Vermont, so Winter is now spelled with a capital “W”.
  • Saints (and Band-Aids) Preserve Us!

    Saints (and Band-Aids) Preserve Us!
    It was tough getting out there this morning. The cars were all frozen, and I still haven’t adjusted to the proper sleep schedule since the holiday, but I got out there and did my thing. I wore a long-sleeve running shirt and my [yellow space jacket]({{site.baseurl}}old-navy-is-good-to-runners/ "Old Navy is Good to Runners"), as well as a little round Band-Aid on each nipple.
  • Energizer Hat Light Saves the Day

    Energizer Hat Light Saves the Day
    Recently I’ve been whining complaining about the traffic around my sister’s place. Broad River Road is one of the most runner-unfriendly roads in the city, so running towards town is a good way to get killed by a hit-and-run driver.
  • The Mysterious Vanishing Wallet

    Woke up after a late-night web coding binge, and gathered myself for my morning run. I decided to drive to the park this time, so I grabbed my keys, wallet, clothes, etc. and headed for the living room to get my shoes.
  • Thanksgiving: 12 Miles and 2 Nipples

    Thanksgiving: 12 Miles and 2 Nipples
    Since Cara is in Vermont, I had decided to drive down to Charleston and spend Thanksgiving with my brother. It was going to be a triple-threat: beer, movies and pizza. And just for a bit of nostalgia, I was going to do the Turkey Day Run again.
  • Old Navy is Good to Runners

    Old Navy is Good to Runners
    I went for a quick 4-miler this morning to see if I could somehow salvage an early-morning running route from around my sister's place. The bad news is that it didn't work. Before sunrise it's pitch black with few street lights and there are too many chances to turn an ankle. The good news is that I am now in love with Old Navy.
  • Cara’s Goodbye Tour of Charleston

    We'll be moving to New York after my contract is up, and Cara's going ahead. Before she left, I wanted to do another weekend in Charleston with her. I wanted to show her all the things she hadn't seen yet, and just generally show her a good time. As you can see from the photos, things went pretty well. :-)