Old Navy is Good to Runners

After a Morning 4-Miler
I’m sparkling like a lame movie vampire!

I went for a quick 4-miler this morning to see if I could somehow salvage an early-morning running route from around my sister’s place. The bad news is that it didn’t work. Before sunrise it’s pitch black with few street lights and there are too many chances to turn an ankle. The good news is that I am now in love with Old Navy.

The jacket I’m wearing in the photo is from Old Navy. So is the shirt, and so are the socks. Cara and I are fans of Old Navy anyway, but I hadn’t really tried their Activewear line until recently. First it was the jacket. Colors are very important for a runner, and I’m tired of finding only dark colors when I shop for track jackets. Unlike the one on the website, mine is neon yellow. I mean, it’s really, really yellow. You could see me from space if you were up there. (By the way, if you have a way to get up there, please take me with you.) If you look closely at the photo, you’ll see that my collar looks kind of thick. That’s because there’s a hood rolled up in it. That’s right, just unzip that sucker and you have wind protection for your ears! I haven’t worn it in the rain yet, but it seems to be built for the task.

Awesome Socks from Old Navy
You can really feel these hugging your arch.

In addition to the jacket, I recently scored a white long-sleeve shirt and a really groovy pair of socks that I couldn’t find on the Old Navy website. The shirt was very, very white, and can also be seen from space. The socks were chosen to match my awesome jacket.

They were two in a pack, and they’re called Low-top Performance Socks. They fit really well, and you can feel some pretty strong arch support. I’m going to go back for more of these pretty soon.

I know this post seems like a shameless advertisement for Old Navy, but it isn’t. Old Navy hasn’t paid me anything to say this, so I am merely making a modest runner’s endorsement. However, if Old Navy would like to convert this post into a shameless advertisement, they should feel free to pay me as much as possible. I will accept cash, PayPal, and more of these socks.