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  • Long Runs are Longer When You’re Lost.

    Today’s run was supposed to be a long one. I was shooting for 8 or 9 miles in the Harbison State Forest. The good news is that I succeeded in making the distance. The bad news is that my route was nothing like what I had planned. I was lost, several times, in the woods, alone.
  • Mr. Garmin, what are you Connecting to?

    I’ve become kind of dependent upon my Garmin Forerunner 305 since I’ve had it. It’s bulky compared to the newer models, but I can see my pace, my miles, and all sorts of information that I used to just guess at. I no longer have to figure out a strict route, because I can just turn around when the miles are right.
  • Running, Heatwaves and Being 38

    Well, it happened. I turned 38. Lots of famous and/or important people have done it. Scientists. Engineers. Strom Thurmond, at some point. (According to legend.)
  • July 4 Tourist Run through Charleston SC

    Cara's in Burlington VT, making plans for our wedding and visiting family. Since I would be down here alone, she suggested a trip to Charleston. What a fantastic idea!
  • Bachelor Week Begins

    Bachelor Week Begins
    Well... I'm alone. For almost a week. Yesterday I took Cara to the airport and Dublin to my sister's place. And now, I sit alone in a Starbucks. But not just any Starbucks. This is the on on King Street in Charleston, SC. I used to work here.
  • Brand New Chafe Point. Awesome.

    Brand New Chafe Point. Awesome.
    I went out for my weekly 10-mile run today. I had big plans at first. I was going to zig-zag around town until I reached about 8 miles or so, then head back to the apartment. This takes quite a bit of willpower, because you're never more than two miles from home. If you get lazy after four miles, you can wimp out.
  • National Not-Running Day… Almost

    National Not-Running Day… Almost
    I was checking a friend's blog this morning and found out that today is National Running Day. Awesome. (Note: I used my lunch hour to zip home and crank out a quick 2-miler! I did celebrate the day!)
  • 10K Run at Riverfront Park

    This one is a bit of an experiment. I wanted to track a 10K run through Riverfront Park, so the map locations are critical. If you see something you want to find, just check the map.
  • Tough Guy War Stories

    As a runner, some of my proudest moments involve adverse conditions. Rain, wind, snow and other things that Mother Nature dishes out become prized trophies in the memory of any serious runner. Just as old soldiers compare scars, runners compare stories about going outside in horrible weather.
  • Preparation and Vigilance

    I was up early this morning. I mean, really early. It was supposed to be 5am, but it sort of turned into 5:45am. Still, I was out the door a little after 6am. Everything seemed to be going just fine.