Running, Heatwaves and Being 38

Well, it happened. I turned 38. Lots of famous and/or important people have done it. Scientists. Engineers. Strom Thurmond, at some point. (According to ancient legends.)

There are lots of things i had intended to do by the time I was 38, and I’m sad to report that they didn’t happen. I haven’t developed super-powers, I don’t fight crime and I don’t have command of my own starship.

So today, I have a plan to rectify matters. This morning, I ran 5 miles in the super-heat. (Putting up with that should be considered a superpower.) Second, I’m going to go to work. There are computer problems, I’m sure, and only I can protect the company from such evil. Lastly, I’m going to walk down the hill with Cara to my favorite bar and drink until I think I’m on a starship. All will be right with the universe.