10K Run at Riverfront Park

Ready for my run in the sun

This one is a bit of an experiment. I wanted to track a 10K run through Riverfront Park, so the map locations are critical. If you see something you want to find, just check the map.

But guess what… iPhoto doesn’t let any third party app use it’s location information. So the ever-awesome Flickr Export can’t give specific GPS info.

Even the iPhoto Uploader won’t do it. In fact, the only app I can find that will upload to Flickr with the location data intact is the Flickr app on my iPhone. So I’m using that, and adding the descriptions afterward.

No adjustments, no color balancing… just straight from the camera. And I have to add info separately into Flickr and iPhoto. Definitely not something I want to do every time.

Still… it was a beautiful run, and the weather was perfect.