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  • First Christmas in Maine

    First Christmas in Maine
    I try to make a point of running on special occasions. I could call it a tradition, but it’s really just another way to get myself out of bed on a cold morning. Today, however, is special. Today is Christmas. And so far, it’s been on of my favorites.
  • Mayans and Zombies

    Mayans and Zombies
    Obviously, I can’t let the World end without getting one last run in. And since the Mayans were a bit vague on the type of apocalypse we can look forward to, I sort of had to pick one. Once again, I fired up Zombies, Run and hoped for the best.
  • First time around Back Cove

    First time around Back Cove
    Lately I've been trying to learn the ways of new town and get back into a decent pattern, but I didn't really have any routes established. So when I heard about Back Cove from some other runners I met around town, I decided to look it up and see if I could get 10K out of it. A quick look at Google told me that I can, as long as I add some downtown running to the mix.
  • Dressing All Wrong for Cold and Wet

    Dressing All Wrong for Cold and Wet
    Winter running is a bit different in New England. The cold climate brings more than just discomfort and a chill. It brings a new set of rules and hazards, including how to dress. Today I screwed that last one up.
  • Now We Live in Maine

    Now We Live in Maine
    It may come as a surprise to you, but we moved again. Yes, yes, I know. We had just gotten to Burlington this past January, so why a sudden move to Portland, Maine? More to the point, why do we move so much in the first place? Well, there are several reasons. But the main one is chasing a better job. I’ve had lots of questions about this, so I’ll try to explain why we’ve been so many places in such a short time.
  • Escaping the MOBs in Zombies, Run!

    Escaping the MOBs in Zombies, Run!
    I have this friend named Theresa. When she's not texting all of her friends and family about how awesome I am, she writes her own stuff and runs around town. She's actually much faster than I am, but she typically gets caught by zombies. Today I'd like to share my secret for not getting bitten by the undead.
  • Irish 2000 Festival, 2012

    Irish 2000 Festival, 2012
    We're back from the Irish 2000 Festival in Ballston Spa, New York. The good points were the hotel, the music a certain pub. Sadly, our enjoyment was diminished by smokers and idiots who acted like high school kids.
  • Heading to the Irish Festival

    Heading to the Irish Festival
    Well, here we go again. It's another Irish festival, this time in Ballston Spa, New York. It's the 16th Annual Irish 2000 Festival, which doesn't make much sense since it's 2012... but we don't care because there are bunches of bands.
  • Early Morning Astronomy

    Lately I've been a little better about my pattern, so I've noticed the changes in the early morning light. Or rather, the lack of it. Each morning, 5am gets a little darker and a little colder. The temperatures have been mostly merciful, but the light has faded steadily.
  • What’s that next to the Curiosity rover?

    What’s that next to the Curiosity rover?
    Sorry, I just couldn’t resist tossing this in. The fine folks at NASA have brought a fantastic dreamy quality to the Red Planet, and I’m sort of swept up in it. When “dreamy” and “Mars” come together, I think of our old buddy Tars Tarkas.