Mayans and Zombies

Obviously, I can’t let the World end without getting one last run in. And since the Mayans were a bit vague on the type of apocalypse we can look forward to, I sort of had to pick one. Once again, I fired up Zombies, Run and hoped for the best.

So far, I’m a little disappointed. Sure, it was raining and I got soaked. And yeah, I goofed at an intersection and put my foot into a super-cold puddle. But nothing blew up. Nothing caught fire. People were outside walking their dogs, not as a farewell poo to the planet, but just because their business had to be done. I’m beginning to think that the Mayans may have been wrong.

Or maybe the scientists were right when they said that the Mayans didn’t really predict the end of the World. But hey… who’s going to listen to Science, right? Just because they study things and check their results, they think they know more than those guys on the internet and their Doomsday Websites. That’s just crazy.

In any case, I went out and did my morning routine with a Radio mission from Abel Township. Have I mentioned how creepy that game is? Even after two cycles through the story missions, I find myself looking back to see if there really is a zombie chasing me. I guess it doesn’t help that I run in the dark…

But nevermind that. Today isn’t about Zombies. It’s about how the Mayans predicted that the World would end by zombies. Or something. I’m not really sure. There’s no real science to look up on this doomsday prediction, so I’m just making things up like everyone else. Some choose asteroids, I choose zombies. Even though that game is just a little too good at creeping me out.

Zombies behind me.