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  • Great Northeastern War, 2013

    Great Northeastern War, 2013
    With all the moving, it was hard to stay involved in the SCA. I couldn’t hold onto all of my gear, and I didn’t know the folks in my local areas during my Economic Walkabout. But since I’m now a permanent resident of Portland, it was easy to make the short drive to Hebron, Maine for GNEW. And it didn’t hurt that I’ve made a bunch of new friends.
  • Cold Showers Required

    Although I didn't think it was possible, summer has finally arrived in Portland, Maine. I've been taking advantage of the weather by cranking up my morning distance, but picking up my pace has led to the return of a summer problem: extra-sweaty-yuckiness.
  • Big Recon Around Portland

    Big Recon Around Portland
    I've been running around Portland for a while now, and I've noticed all sorts of little trails that go around the peninsula. It's hard to see exactly where they meet each other from a Google map, so I decided to just wander around the edge of town until I figured it out. The weather was nice, and I took lots of pictures.
  • A Few Words About Boston

    I lived in Boston for a while. During my time there I ran around town, participated in races and even stood near the Finish Line at the Boston Marathon. I still have friends there. So it was more than a little disturbing when I found out about the bombings.
  • Private Bridge Run with the Wife

    Private Bridge Run with the Wife
    We couldn't make it to the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston this year, so we ran our own little 10K here in Portland. I was originally going to do this on my own, but Cara guessed my plan and volunteered to join me. She got a little more than she expected, though. The wind was murder.
  • Spring but Not Really

    Spring but Not Really
    I've done a little... okay, a lot of complaining lately about the weather. It's cold, it's dark, I can't feel my fingers, my nostrils are frozen, blah, blah, blah. But now that we're officially into Spring, it's still cold, and will probably remain so forever.
  • Weather Wimp Resurfaced

    Weather Wimp Resurfaced
    I've been rather proud of myself lately, considering the harsh conditions I've run in. I shivered, I shook, I wore spikes on my feet and a face cover on my... face. And for all that, I still have a bit of weather wimp in my personality. Case in point: this morning.
  • Nemo Distrupted My Running Schedule

    Nemo Distrupted My Running Schedule
    I had a pretty good plan, but it got messed up by a Historic Winter Storm. It wasn't just snow... this thing had a name. They called it Nemo, and I found it on the home page of without entering my zip code. If I was going to run in that, I figured I should do it early.
  • Hulk Feet Split Shoes

    Hulk Feet Split Shoes
    Not only do I have the typically ugly feet of a runner, but mine are also exceptionally wide. It's been tough to find shoes that fit properly without leaving bunches of room in the toe, but I thought I had managed it. Until now.
  • New Years and Shoe Spikes

    New Years and Shoe Spikes
    I wanted to get out there for New Year's Day, but there was an awful lot of snow on the ground from recent storms. Rather than just blow it off, I decided to break out some nifty toys that I picked up in Freeport. They're shoe spikes like the ones I had before, but far more serious. In fact, I'm sure I'll see them in an action movie at some point.