The Mysterious Vanishing Wallet

Woke up after a late-night web coding binge, and gathered myself for my morning run. I decided to drive to the park this time, so I grabbed my keys, wallet, clothes, etc. and headed for the living room to get my shoes. I even got a rag from the bathroom so I wouldn’t get sweat all over my seatbelt during the return trip. (I sit on a garbage bag to protect the car seat.) At some point I remembered that I needed my Garmin watch, so I went to get it after setting my wallet down… somewhere.

Yeah. I did that again. This time, with my wallet.

I spent about an hour looking around, at first being gentle, then rough, and finally cleaning up the clutter in the hope of finding it. I checked in things, under things, in places I didn’t even go, under the seat of my car, in the back yard… pretty much everywhere. I even started to doubt if I had brought it back from the store yesterday. I checked my accounts online to see if anyone had been horribly disappointed by my credit cards, but no luck. Wait, I mean I had great luck. Nobody was using my cards.

Finally, I knocked on my sister’s door to wake her up and check her room. (Since I hadn’t gone near the place, it made sense that I check just to be sure.) Pam helped a bit, asking questions as she made her way to the refrigerator.

“Did you check your pants?”
“Did you check your car?”
“Is this it?”
”Um… yeah.”

Remember that rag I got to protect my seatbelt? Yeah, well… I sort of had it in my hand along with my wallet. So the rag was on the counter, and the wallet was under the rag. And it took her about 30 seconds to find it.

I’m beginning to think that Cara is right when she worries about my survival. With her in Vermont, I seem to be losing track of what the hell I’m trying to do. But at least I made it to the park for a 5-miler.