Uphill on Main Street

The weather was too good to pass up, so I didn’t. The temperature was 36F, so I didn’t even need my tights or my gloves… just my Space Jacket and a sport skully. A beautiful day like this just screams out for something special, so I decided to hit Main Street in downtown Burlington.

Before the Main Street Hill
Smiling and happy before the Main Street Hill.

Main Street goes from Lake Champlain all the way to the University of Vermont. It’s a big hill, and the first time I ran it I had several religious experiences. I was actually a bit worried about it. Would I be okay? Would I have to stop and walk a bit? I’ve slacked off in the past few months, so how much residual strength do I have?

I went out for a few miles while Cara waited happily at home watching Netflix. With the dog. On the couch. Under a blanket. (She felt that this was a right and proper turn of events, although she still won’t hug me post-run.)

Things were pretty easy for the bulk of it. I met another runner on the way, and we joked about the weather a little before I pulled ahead. Then I was there at the bottom of Main Street, and ready to take the hill.

After the Main Street Hill
Afterward, I was looking a little rough.

I would go on about it, but we’re about to go to see One for the Money today and it starts at noon. Cara is a huge fan of the books, so she’s really excited about the film. So excited, in fact, that she is staring at me right now. She’s burning holes into the side of my head with her laser “hurry up” eyes. Yeah… laser eyes. Anyway, here’s a photo of myself post-hill. It wasn’t so bad, actually. A bit rough, though.