Burlington Winter Festival

There was a little festival this weekend down on Church Street. The action was going to happen later in the day, but I got there a bit early. Cara was asked to work on her day off, so I walked down with her. On the way back, I got to see some of the ice sculptures going up. It was neat! They bring in the pieces and blowtorch them so they’ll stick. It’s basically ice welding.

I drove back down to bring Cara home, but she didn’t get off until 5pm. That’s nine hours of solid work. I guess it didn’t help that the folks from the Penguin Plunge all came in for lunch after the event. Here’s a link to their horrible horrible website. (Also, don’t use Chrome or the menu explodes.) I got some video when I was walking home in the morning:

When I got her home, Cara had just enough strength to eat dinner before she was done for the night. Then, to her shock, I went back downtown. We had discussed it, but she didn’t believe I would really go. She thought I would be in for the night once we got home.

But alas, I was not. I did a big loop through Burlington, stopping in at the Other Place before working my way to the festival. It was a small affair, but I did enjoy the lights. I also enjoyed the rave. Not kidding. There was a rave. Blue and red strobes and spots were swinging around on Church Street while some guy twirled glow sticks on strings. (Sadly, he did not have a pacifier.) It was a Winter Gear Dance Party with a DJ and everything. I checked it out for a while before heading into Rira for a final beer. And of course, I got video and pictures.