We have a robot

My mother-in-law recently went a little crazy and bought Roombas for several family members, including us. So it’s official. We now have our very first robot. We are now completely vulnerable when Skynet takes over, because one of the machines is living in our house.

You can register these things online with an official name, so my wife and I are calling it Sebastian. Yes, after the crab. My wife loves The Little Mermaid.

I sincerely hope that things go well. I grew up watching lots of science fiction, and robots aren’t always a good idea. I’m hoping for more Wall-E, and less HAL-9000. And even though I worry that this thing will someday lock me out of my own home, I’m a bit more worried that our dogs will flip out and attack the small round monster as it roams across the floor. Their reactions to Sebastian’s maiden voyage were encouraging, however. I’m pretty sure they’ll be our first line of defense when Skynet sends its initial attack order.