Puggle in Spring

Spring was slow to take hold, but the snow banks have finally accepted the fact that they are unwanted and unloved. They’re melting away and it’s almost time to start running with my puggle every day.

Puggle Gazing at the Kennebec River by Brian Cribb, on Flickr
She’s very, very ready to start running again.

She’s already had a couple of runs this Spring already, but it wasn’t a regular thing. The first time we went, the snow banks were still very prominent and the sidewalks were still covered. I had to run on the street, mostly, which means keeping here next to the bank.

Obviously, she can’t be expected to run in a straight line. She kept vaulting up on the the sloped banks and down again, over and over as we ran. It was kind of neat to watch, but she wound up will all sorts of icy dirt on her belly. These weren’t the nice, fluffy banks that you see in the movies. These were the dirty ones that have been plowed a bunch of times and have melted enough to reveal whatever crap people have been throwing into them. Although to be fair, that’s not as much of a problem in Bath as it is in Portland. Here’s a pic of her vaulting around.

Back to the Street by Brian Cribb, on Flickr
Up the bank, back down to the street, repeat.

We’ve had warm days and cold days, so I haven’t taken her out regularly. Mostly we just go when she’s being especially cray-cray and my wife wants her energy reserves depleted. It works out for everyone, mostly. We both love to run and my wife likes a calmer puggle.

Routine runs are coming up close, though. I took her out today because of the sunny blue skies, and she is now taking the Queen of All Power Naps. This is a rare and wonderful occurrence, and it will only happen while she’s building herself back up to a post-winter level of fitness.

Catching her Breath by Brian Cribb, on Flickr

But I’m up for that. I’m not exactly at marathon-level myself, so Finnea and I will rediscover 5K runs together. And once we’re solid with those, we’ll crank up the distance together. I won’t take her for the really long runs, but I think she’s very capable of doing 10 kilometers. And she’s also really cute when we take selfies together.

Licking Her Chops