95. ZombiesRun Virtual Race, Spring 2020, 5K

Distance: 5K
Start Time: 36:38
Chip Time: 33:58
Zombies Run Virtual Race Spring 2020

If you can believe it, this is the tenth virtual race for “Zombies, Run!” and the quality has been consistent all the way. With COVID-19 locking us down, this format is far better than having a bunch of people gather in one place and send their perspiration everywhere.

I remember when I was skeptical about virtual races, but I wanted to support Six to Start as a company and I couldn’t resist new content for Zombies, Run. Now I’m grateful for the change of pace, and the game gives me a chance to hit the forums if I want to chat with other runners.

This one is a murder mystery, and like all of Six to Start’s virtual races it takes place in the first season to avoid spoilers. It’s good stuff.

Brian outside wearing a skully hat
Above 50 degrees Farenhoot means just one layer!

The temperature has been getting higher in the mornings and the light is coming earlier, so I was able to wear just one shirt layer and go without the headlamp. Finnea was ready to go, as usual, and neglected to do all of her business in the back yard before we headed out. I lost a few minutes to business breaks and her continuing desire to Sniff the World.

Finnea the puggle on the sidewalk
I can’t believe I got Finnea to look directly into the camera.

We had just sold our house before the lockdowns and we hadn’t bought the next one yet, so we’re stuck at my wife’s parents’ place. This means an unfamiliar route for Finnea and she still wants to smell every blade of grass in the state. But hey, I’m out of shape right now so I’m not going for a personal record. Five kilometers is about all I’m good for right now. 🙂

There are other reasons for keeping it short, though. People in this town let their dogs just wander outside during the day and I can’t risk a dog twice Finnea’s size running up on her while she’s tethered to a waist leash. Even if the other dog has good intentions, it’s scary for my girl and it can cause trouble. By the way, these people would all refer to themselves as responsible dog owners. Don’t even get me started…

So anyway, we go super-early to avoid contact with anyone other than the one or two dedicated runners in the area. As always, other runners are fantastic. We stay on opposite sides of the street for each other and maintain proper distance, so all has been well in the social distancing department.

So once again, Six to Start has knocked it out of the park and added yet another set of missions to “Zombies, Run!” that you can run if you decide to start over from Season One.