Dublin in Boston, Running in Quincy

I was planning to run along the Charles River again, but Cara wanted to take advantage of the sunny weather by taking Dublin out somewhere. I thought I could combine everything by taking them both to the park in the… it’s the Esplanade, right? Anyway, they would hang out and enjoy the weather, and I would run maybe six miles. Needless to say, it didn’t work out quite like that.

Dublin was nervous on the train, and after stopping at Park Street Station to pick up Brunch Bagels he seemed to be on borrowed time. We walked him around the park towards Boylston Street Station (Green Line), but by then he seemed to be done and so was Cara. Rather than go out to Kenmore Station and add a few hours to the expedition, we decided to head home. I would just run here in Quincy and explore Sea Street a bit more. Meanwhile, Cara went to the store to get a blender because she’s on some kind of summertime-blended-alcoholic-beverage kick. (I love that woman.)

I did my new route for the second time ever, believed my self to be lost a couple of times even though I wasn’t, and overshot my turn-around point. That’s okay, though, because I found a little-league baseball game! I stuck around until somebody made a base hit and then headed out. The neat bit was being told by one of the locals that the trail across the street ran alongside Sea Street! I took that instead of the sidewalk, and enjoyed every moment of it.

The only snag was my dreadful level of physical fitness. I was having real trouble with the 10K training run, and I even had a break in the middle. Was I going too fast? Did I screw up my pacing? Did I sit on my ass all winter and hide inside my apartment until my fat-boy jeans started to fit again? I may never know the truth. I can tell you one thing, though. After it was over I felt just like Dublin does in the video below.