My first run along the Charles River

I’ve been working up near Fenway and I kept hearing about the Charles River, so I decided to check it out. Thursday is a late day, so there would still be people around after my shift was over. I finished up at 5pm, hit the Men’s Room to change clothes, and ran down the hill past Kenmore Station. Once you get to the other side of the Boston University campus, it’s not too hard to find an overpass and get into the park. It was really sweet! There were lots of other runners, plus bicyclists, walkers, ducks and rowing teams!

Rowing team.
Seriously. There were rowing teams. People row up here, apparently.

The only problems I saw were the bridges. There were traffic lights at every bridge, which Boston drivers typically ignore. Even after it’s against them, they will drive through the light to create a tangled mess which blocks and obscures the crosswalk. It seems to happen at every single intersection, every single time. Does anyone in Boston actually know how to drive properly? It can be pretty dangerous to cross, even when the light tells you to walk. Still, it was a wonderful run, especially on a sunny day. I can’t wait to go back!