More Zombies for my iPhone

I don’t know what’s been going on with me lately, but I’ve had an eye for zombie products. I already have a running game about zombies, but now I have a nice compliment for it. A weather app.

Seriously, there’s a zombie weather app. It’s called Weather Zombie, oddly enough. I can’t believe that I found two apps that are so useful to runners while including the undead. Zombies, Run! can only be played while running, and it also plays music from you iTunes library. And this one covers the weather, which many runners are simply obsessed about. How many layers do I wear? Will it warm up? Will it rain? Runners are always checking this kind of thing. And besides the practical use, check out the fun artwork on the screencaps below.

Weather Zombie
Two things all runners enjoy tracking: weather and the undead.

Zombies, Run! costs the price of a beer, but this weather app is free. If you’re currently into zombies more than pirates, then this is a good app for the running zombie enthusiast. If you’re already leaning towards pirates… well, I’m afraid I don’t have any suggestions. If you have suggestions for zombie stuff (or pirate stuff) then please drop me a note in the comments. And watch you’re back. Pirates are sneaky, but zombie-pirates are worse.