Sweaty Mornings of Summer

Home from a Good Run
Here’s what I look like on a nice, cool day after a clean run.

Well, it’s happened. The days I was hoping for have finally arrived, with all their benefits and consequences. It’s hot outside. Nice and hot. Just like back home, only there it was like this three months ago.

This is the kind of thing that I pined for during the harsh New England Winter, when I was wearing spikes on my shoes and trying desperately to stick to some kind of daily pattern. If only it were warmer. If only I could run without a jacket. If only I could be comfortable during the entire run, instead of freezing for the first mile.

And It happened. For a brief time, I could run comfortably. Check out that photo over there. That’s a happy guy, and he’s pretty clean. Those were the (several) days.

But this week I am reminded of something that wasn’t quite so nifty about running Down South. The Heat. Summer is pretty much here, and for New England that means a freakishly long day, disturbingly short nights, and a bright sun at a ridiculous time in the morning. It’s already warm by the time I get out there at 5:30am! Of course, it will top out far below the temperatures I’m accustomed to, but still… I’m back to the days of being a sweaty mess.

No more making the coffee just after I come in. I need to do it before my run, or I’ll leave a puddle on the floor. (Stop it. I’m referring to a sweaty puddle.) Also, no more tossing my running gear into the top of the laundry hamper. I’ll need to do something creative with them, or our apartment will smell like a gym and Cara will be less than pleased.

I really should look on the bright side, though. It’s going to be a logistical challenge, but at least it’s one I know how to deal with.