93. ZombiesRun Virtual Race, Spring 2019, 5K

Distance: 5K
Start Time: 31:24
Zombies Run Spring 2018 Virtual Race banner.

How can you not love zombies on a train? This one is about a fancy new super-fast train that was taking its first batch of passengers as the Zombie Apocalypse begins. It’s a bit of a bummer in a way, because it shows a society that was making some really cool advances in science and sustainability just before it was snuffed out.

The weird bit is that I don’t show up on the Leader Boards for this one. I have the race in my run log and I did it within the timeframe, but my name doesn’t appear. Not a biggie since I still have a record of the race, but it’s a bit weird.

Full disclosure: I’m writing these in November of 2019, but I’m back-dating the next few race posts to match them up to the day that they happened. It’s been an insane year. We got into a house in Rhode Island and I have a train commute to Boston. I bicycle to the train station so I only drive on the weekends now. We’ve landed.
Wet black puggle in a green raincoat on the sidewalk with puddles in the background.

This time we got rained on, but the temp was okay and it was just 5K. Finnea doesn’t seem to care about getting wet, or dirty, or cold. She just wants to be outside. The downside is that she kicks every possible particle of grit and dirt onto her belly as she runs along the wet sidewalk. Avoiding puddles does not prevent this.

Wet black puggle in a green raincoat on the sidewalk with head lowered to sniff.

The route was a simple out-and-back, so there’s nothing unusual about the run aside from having to take Finnea into the shower with me. As usual, she got post-shower zoomies to go along with her post-run zoomies.