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  • 67. Reindeer Run, 2011

    The Reindeer run is a can’t-miss event for the Holy City, with all sorts of costumes and decorations on people and dogs. (Especially on dogs.) It starts downtown at Southend Brewery, sweeping through the city and along the Battery before returning. It might be the most enjoyable race in town.
  • 66. Governor’s Cup Half Marathon, 2011

    Time once again for the Governor’s Cup. It starts at the Statehouse and winds through Columbia. Cara and I have been really busy with the move up north coming up, so we didn’t get a chance to train properly. Still, we had signed up for the half and we were determined to make a good day of it.
  • 65. Dash to the Vista 5K, 2011

    This was a small race before a small festival in the Vista. (The Vista is a little business area in Columbia, SC.) Thanks to this week’s rain, the morning was filled with cool fog. When the sun came out, the fog started burning away, leaving behind about a half-hour of super-humid armpit air. That’s when the race started.
  • 64. See Spot Run, 2011

    This was another 5K held in Columbia, this time to benefit the Humane Society. Dogs were welcome since pets were the focus of the event. Although Dublin can't run 5K yet, we were excited to check it out. After all, Cara is in favor of anything that helps dogs.
  • 63. Jailbreak 5K, 2011

    63. Jailbreak 5K, 2011
    The Jailbreak 5K is a small 5K in Lexington SC, organized by the Sheriff's Department. Strictly Running handled the clock, so things were pretty organized. They were also pretty humid.
  • 62. Crawdaddy Dash, 2011

    62. Crawdaddy Dash, 2011
    You really can't beat an opportunity like this. The Rosewood Crawfish Festival took place about two blocks from our apartment, and admission was included with registration for this 5K race.
  • 61. Cooper River Bridge Run, 2011

    61. Cooper River Bridge Run, 2011
    When I was in New England, one of the things I missed was the Cooper River Bridge Run. It's a 10K Race in Charleston, South Carolina which seems to get bigger and more popular each year. This year I was back, and I had Cara with me.
  • 60. Get to the Green 5K, 2011

    This race was fun for two reasons. First, it took place on the morning of Columbia’s St. Pat’s festival. Second, (and most importantly) it was just down the hill from our apartment.
  • 59. Flowertown Festival Run, 2011

    This was the last race I did before moving to New England in 2009. In fact, I left that day. So now that I'm back in the area, it was especially important not to miss it. Many of my Charleston peeps are regulars at the Flowertown race, so I was looking forward to a few reunions.
  • 58. Make My Day 12K, 2011

    I've run quite a few races, so it's not often that I get to do something for the very first time. This one was held in Harbison State Forest, and it was my very first trail run... ever. I've run through the woods, but it was always on flat ground. This one was an actual trail, with tree roots and everything.