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  • 46. MontrĂ©al Marathon, 2009

    I recently completed my second marathon. A single marathon is plenty of accomplishment for anybody, of course. The sensible thing would be to declare victory and go back to your regular existence. It's just not that easy, though. Something about the experience draws a person back into the mix. This time the event was held in Montréal, and the weather was better than I could have hoped for.
  • 45. Run for Empowerment, 2009

    I had forgotten about this one until the day before, when a customer at work mentioned it in passing. One advantage of leaving Starbucks is having Saturdays off, so I made quick plans to run in the event. I never suspected that I would score a sweet new personal record in the process!
  • 44. Girls on the Run, 2009

    I've done a few of these races, right? I mean, this is race 44, for crying out loud. You would think that I would have it all figured out by now. You would think that it's all a simple routine to me, and that I could do these things blindfolded. Certainly I should be well beyond all of the silly rookie mistakes, right? Well... um... I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you.
  • 43. Mutt Strutt, 2009

    It had to happen eventually. Things warmed up enough for me to try out a running event in Vermont. Oh, I've seen people running around since I got here, but I'm not frost-resistant yet, so I tend to think of them as crazy people.
  • 42. Flowertown Festival Run, 2009

    This race was special for a couple of reasons. First, it was the last one I would run in as a Charleston resident. Second, it was the first race Maurice Davis participated in since his stroke in December. He did the 1-mile Fun Run.
  • 41. LifePoint Gift of Life Run, 2009

    Never done this one before, but it's the last 5K I had access to before the big move to Vermont. I couldn't pass it up. This event promotes organ donation, and even had some people speaking about it at the award ceremony. A donor's mother and a recipient, to be specific. It was kind of cool.
  • 40. We Heart Maurice Run, 2009

    This was a pretty special race. You can get the details at the official site, which I designed for the event. The short explanation is that a local athlete had a stroke in December, and has no medical insurance through his job. He's a really nice guy, and nobody likes to see people like that knocked down by the World, so the local Running Community put together a race to help him.
  • 39. Save the Light Half-Marathon, 2009

    As you can see from the photo on the left, I didn't get much sleep the night before. All my fault, I admit. I hadn't even really trained for this one, but I did okay at the Charlie Post, so I figured I would just cruise through it and enjoy myself.
  • 38. Charlie Post Classic, 2009

    This was a new one for me. I've never actually been to Sullivan's Island before. Well, not for a race, anyway. I ran onto the island during my marathon training, but I just turned around and came back to Charleston.
  • 37. Laura Griffin Memorial Run, 2009

    Another January rolls around without seeming to leave any space between it and the last one, and another cold morning finds me on George Street waiting for the Laura Griffin Memorial Run to start.