88. ZombiesRun Virtual Race, Spring 2017, 5K

Distance: 5K
Start Time: 32:17
Chip Time: 31:55

I’m tempted to just count these as one event now, but I run them on different days in different weather, so I suppose I’ll keep going with separate posts. This one will be a bit short, though. And if you’re wondering what the hell a virtual race is, then try this post from my first one.

ZombiesRun Virtual Race Spring 2017

Finnea and I ran our basic out-and-back route, with one major difference: we ran in the middle of the day. This is helpful in colder weather, but the days are getting warmer and we found ourselves getting a little heated. Finnea actually started panting a bit, which I haven’t seen since last summer.

It wasn’t a problem this time, but it’s an indicator that we’ll soon be limited to early mornings for our exercise. That black fur coat is pretty good for winter, but it’s a bit much under a hot spring sun.

Finnea the puggle runs along
It’s all about the puggle. Seriously, I get bummed in the winter when I have to run without her.

The race itself was excellent once again, renewing my affection and admiration for the folks who make the ZombiesRun app. My only critique would be the two-minute clip at the end, after the race is finished. I suppose it’s meant as a cool-down period, but I kind of like to stop the app when I stop running. I can walk around and cool off on my own.

I paced in front of my house waiting for the ending clip to end, and made a mental note to work it into my plan for the 10K event. On the bright side, it was a pretty sweet clip with a nice ending to the mission’s storyline.

We had fun, but I think I might need to change up some things for the next virtual race. Maybe drive to a special location or something. Hopefully by the time Fall rolls around, Finnea will be trained up enough to do our route without so many business breaks.